Yard Waste Reminder


October 15, 2014  – Ottumwa, Iowa –  With the change in season, Ottumwa residents are being encouraged to recycle leaves and yard waste. Leaves and light debris can be placed in the Ottumwa/Wapello yard waste collection bags and put out for curbside collection.  The Ottumwa/Wapello yard waste bags cost one dollar at local grocery stores. The cost covers the expense of hauling the debris to the Landfill.

To ensure curbside collection, place yard waste at the curb by 4 AM on the day of collection. Yard waste may not be disposed of with general trash in your trash cart.  Curbside Yard Waste collection south of the Des Moines River is on Tuesdays; collection north of the river is on Thursdays.

Residents can also haul leaves to the Landfill or Ottumwa Wapello Recycling Center for disposal at no cost. You can use any bag you like to haul them, but only the Ottumwa/Wapello yard waste bags may be left.  If using other types of bags to haul leaves, you must empty them at the Landfill or Recycling Center and take them with you.

Yard waste like leaves and branches can be legally disposed of by burning in the City. However, if a complaint about the smoke is filed, the Ottumwa Fire Department will investigate the source and, if necessary, put out the fire and issue a civil citation.  Residents burning yard wastes are encouraged to check the wind conditions and direction to help prevent smoke from blowing directly into neighboring residences and keep children and pets away from fires.

Residents who choose burn yard waste are reminded that the State Fire Code requires that outdoor fires must be under control and attended at all times. Adequate means for extinguishing must be readily available.  Municipal code prohibits the burning of leaves or other debris in the street or on sidewalks. Leaf fires on pavement or sidewalks can cause damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces.