Warrants executed on south side


KBIZ News has spoken with LT Jason Bell of the Ottumwa Police Department who filled us in on the apparent police standoff at 129 S. Moore this morning.

Lt Bell tells us that officers initially went to the home looking for Joseph Bibbey, wanted for parole violation, and in connection with a possible shooting in Wapello County last night. After initially attempting to make contact with the occupants of the home, nobody answered. The police department then staked out observation posts nearby the home.

Officers then witnessed Chris Yenger attempt to flee the home. Yenger was apprehended on several warrants, including attempting to flee. After being apprehended, Yenger provided officers with information that several others were in the home including Bibbey, and Roger Brownfield.

The officers on the scene then made contact with the occupants of the home, who turned themselves in to police. Joseph Bibbey was arrested on outstanding warrants, Chris Yenger was arrested on outstanding warrants and attempting to flee, and Roger Brownfield was arrested on outstanding warrants. The Ottumwa Post also reports that Police found methamphetamine on Brownfield’s person. Two other occupants of the home were not taken into custody.

LT Bell says that while there was a large response, Ottumwa’s Special Response Team (SWAT) was not dispatched to the scene.