United way hosts annual day of action


Volunteer projects will address food security in Wapello County

Ottumwa, IA, June 18, 2014– The Day of Action is held on the longest day of the year, providing the most hours of daylight in which volunteers can serve their community.

This year United Way of Wapello County is hosting its annual Day of Action on Monday, June 23rd. The project focuses on improving food security in Wapello County. According to Feeding America, 14.2% of households in Wapello County were food insecure in 2012. This means that over 5000 people did not have adequate access to safe and nutritious food. To improve food security in Wapello County, United Way continues to work on community and household gardening.

Join us on June 23rd, for an open garden event at the Oak Meadow Community Garden from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Volunteers will be building a keyhole garden bed primarily made from found or recycled materials.  This gardening method improves soil fertility while utilizing space efficiently, making it an effective method for small home gardens.

The Oak Meadow Community garden is located in the Ottumwa Industrial Park at 2935 Oak Meadow Drive in Ottumwa. Volunteers will be present from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

For more information regarding the Day of Action visit www.wapellocouw.org or contact Jen Daugherty at the United Way at 641-682-1264.