United Way holds open house for senior volunteers


An open house at the Wapello County United Way Tuesday night hoped to connect volunteers with organizations needing assistance. KaLeigh White told us that the Retired Senior Volunteer Program aims to connect those 55 and older with volunteer opportunities in their community.

“Currently some of our volunteers are working with the volunteer income tax assistance program, so they help low income families become more financially secure by helping them get the proper tax return. We also have volunteers working in the community gardens increasing food security in our community, and we’re working on several other projects.”

White is director of the RSVP program in Wapello, Monroe, and Jefferson counties. She says that opportunities always exist for younger volunteers, as well as seniors with disabilities. The Retired Senior Volunteer Program can be reached by visiting the Wapello County United Way, either in person or on their website at www.wapellocouw.org.