Two Way Traffic Coming To Downtown Soon


Motorists are advised that Main Street and Second Street in downtown Ottumwa will be changing over to two-way traffic later this month.   The conversion will happen in several steps.

  • The week of May 19th,  Main and Second Streets (from Jefferson to Kitterman) will go to two-way traffic.   Each street will probably open to two-way traffic on separate days.
  • The week of May 26th, Second Street (from Kitterman to McPherson) will go to two-way traffic. The parallel section of Main will be closed to traffic for paving.

These dates are tentative; subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  The hard-and-fast dates for the changes will be announced by the City through the local media as the actual conversion dates come closer.

The change from one-way to two-way traffic will mark a major change in traffic flow on Main and Second Streets through the central business district extending to Ottumwa’s west side.  As the changes are made, drivers will need to stay on the right hand side of the road when driving on those sections of Main and Second Streets.  Expect to meet head on traffic.   Drivers should anticipate a slower rate of traffic flow.   Be prepared if other motorists, out of custom, turn into the wrong lane.

The Main and Second Street two-way traffic conversion from Jefferson to Kitterman will be permanent.   The section of Second Street from Kitterman to McPherson will revert back to one-way traffic at the completion of the stormwater project on Main Street.