Two gun incidents reported in Fairfield


(Fairfield)—There were tense moments in Fairfield Tuesday following two separate incidents at elementary schools.

Fairfield Police say they received two phone calls from concerned citizens stating there were kids with guns in the vicinity of the schools.  In both cases the guns turned out to be pellet guns, but looked real.

Police say in both incidents the immediate area was shut down until the guns were located and at NO time were children walking home from school and were NOT in danger.

The first incident occurred in the 500 block of west Madison Avenue shortly after 3:30.  A 20 year old male was showing two teenaged friends two pellet rifles that were similar to a .22 rifle.  Police said the youth were located inside a house and cooperated with police.

The second incident occurred in the 300 block of South C Street at 4:06 p.m. where a 12 year old youth was walking down the street carrying a pellet gun that looked like an AR-15.  The youth was ordered to the ground at gun point.

Police say in both calls a tragic incident could have occurred if the subjects had not complied with police directives or pointed the pellet guns at officers.

Police Chief Julie Harvey says at some point common sense must prevail and youth must be educated on how to handle guns responsibly.  She says in light of all the recent shootings, people are very cautious when people are handling guns whether real or not.