Tribune building collapse


At approximately 3:05 P.M. July 8, 2014, the Jefferson County Law Center received a call concerning a building collapse at 110 West Briggs Street Fairfield, Iowa.  The Fairfield Fire Department and Law Enforcement were dispatched to the site, as well as EMS units.  The Fairfield Fire Department arrived at approximately 3:11 P.M. and noted that the outside wall on the North side of the building was leaning quite heavily to the North.  Briggs Street from 2nd Street to Main Street was immediately closed to all vehicle traffic due to concerns of the building collapsing further into the street.  The building, most recently known as the Tribune Printing Company, was evacuated of all individuals inside as well as Ila’s Restaurant and Revelations and all apartments above these businesses.

A gas leak was reported coming from the printing company shortly after the first units arrived.  Alliant Energy was notified and responded and the gas to the building was shut off to all buildings evacuated.  A local excavating company, Cross Iron Excavating, was called in and the compromised section of the building was torn down to prevent any further collapse.  The entire area was fenced off and the building will finish being torn down as soon as the owner of the building can coordinate with his insurance company to have adjustors survey the damage.  Along with the compromised section being torn down, 3 antique automobiles were removed from the garage at the back of the building.

Assisting the Fairfield Fire Department was the Fairfield Police Department, The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Midwest Ambulance, The Fairfield City Street Department, The Fairfield Water Department, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, and Midwest Ambulance Service.  All assistance is greatly appreciated in ensuring everyone’s safety during this situation.