Trial Set For Bloomfield Man Accused of Sex Abuse


The Bloomfield man accused of sexually abusing and kidnapping a woman in May is now scheduled to face trial later this year.

Timothy Howell faces two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, and one count of third-degree kidnapping. Authorities say he sexually abused a woman on two different occasions in May, and during the second offense, also held her against her will for over a day.

Last week, Judge Gregory Milani scheduled Howell’s trial to begin on November 5th in Davis County court. Milani also set a hearing date of August 16th on Howell’s third request to travel out of state for work. Twice previously, the court has allowed Howell to travel for his work as a parade organizer. Prosecutors did not oppose the first two requests, but have filed a motion opposing this request.

Howell was arrested on June 4th. Authorities say that on May 21st, he drove a woman from Iowa to Missouri to pick up some food. After they returned to Davis County, Howell refused to drop off the woman or otherwise allow her to leave. The next day, law enforcement was able to speak to the two of them on the phone. Howell refused to say where he was taking the woman, but she told them Howell was taking her to Wisconsin, and she was afraid he would rape her there.

Howell eventually let the woman go, and she later told authorities that he had sexually abused her both on the day of the kidnapping, and another day two weeks beforehand. She also accused him of threatening to kill anyone she might tell about the incident.


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