Suspicious Death Investigation


FPD officials are updating information about the suspicious death investigation on 08/31/2014 at 1200 S. Main.

The deceased has been identified as Christopher Freeman, date of birth of 08/21/1958, who shows an address in Washington, Illinois. The family has been notified so the name is now being released.

Investigators suspect that Mr. Freeman forced entry into the abandoned residence at 1200 S. Main because it was his childhood residence. It is unknown what his intentions were but it appears he meant no harm to any person. A firearm was located in Mr. Freeman’s vehicle in a case but he had a legal permit to carry the weapon. No weapons were found in the residence or on Mr. Freeman’s person at the time of his death.

On 08/31/2014, after no one in the residence answered police negotiators, the tactical team made a delayed entry into the residence. The body of Mr. Freeman was found on the third floor of the residence.

After autopsy and the investigation, it appears Mr. Freeman died of undetermined natural or accidental causes. There was NO evidence of foul play, a homicide, or a suicide. The State Medical Examiner’s Office is still waiting on some tests but is unable, at this time, to determine which natural cause caused Mr. Freeman’s death. To confirm, there is nothing suspicious or criminal at this time.            

Officials at FPD want to thank several law enforcement agencies in Iowa and Illinois, who pulled together to assist in this investigation, and also Mr. Freeman’s family for their understanding in the difficult investigation.