Snow Removal Continues – Hydrant Reminder


(Release from the City of Ottumwa) – February 6, 2014 – Ottumwa, Iowa –  Post-snow storm clean up continues in Ottumwa.  City Public Works Crews will be picking up snow piled along the curb in the Church Street business district this evening (Thursday, February 6) beginning at 7 PM. Snow will be collected and removed from Church Street, from the Beach Ottumwa entry down to Five Corners. If crews are able to complete that section overnight, they will resume pickup in the downtown (Main and Second Street) area.  Vehicles must be parked off the street during the evening and overnight hours of work to facilitate the snow removal.   Temporary no parking zones will be marked to facilitate the snow removal.  Once a block has been cleared, parking may return to normal.

City crews have re-plowed several areas where snow from a driveway and/or sidewalk was placed in the street.   The practice of putting additional snow into the street is against city code and causes additional work for the plow crews.  This is an undue additional cost to the taxpayers and delays other essential storm clean-up efforts.


Residents with fire hydrants on their property are asked to please clear a three foot area around the hydrant.   Snow accumulation, drifting or the results of snow removal can completely bury fire hydrants.   Blocked hydrants can easily mean slower response time to a critical emergency if fire fighters have to locate and clear a buried hydrant.  Having hydrants that are visible and accessible to firefighters is an important part of fire safety in every neighborhood.