Snow Emergency Declared for weekend snowfall


In anticipation of snowfall this weekend, the City of Ottumwa’s Snow Emergency Ordinance will be placed into effect at 7 PM on Saturday, February 28, 2015.   While the Snow Emergency is declared, no parking is allowed on streets designated as “Snow Routes” until the emergency is lifted.   Snow Routes are marked with square blue signs showing a white snowflake.

Parking on non-snow emergency route streets rotates sides on a daily basis.  On the even numbered days, parking is allowed on the even numbered side of the street.  On the odd numbered days, parking is allowed on the odd numbered side of the street.

The Snow Emergency will remain in effect from Saturday night until further notice. While in effect, all vehicles parked on the street out of compliance with the Ordinance are subject to being towed and impounded and a citation will be issued and fee charged for towing and impoundment.   Residents may park vehicles in the front yard to get them off the street while the Snow Emergency is in effect.

During snow storms, City Public Works crews focus on keeping the snow routes and major streets open through the duration of the storm.  This allows essential and emergency travel around town even in the worst of conditions.  Once the snow stops, the focus shifts to clearing the side streets and residential areas.

Provided by the City of Ottumwa.