Search Warrant Executed at New Sharon Home in Xavior Harrelson Case


The Iowa Divison of Criminal Investigation (DCI) confirmed the execution of a search warrant on a home in New Sharon in connection to the Xavior Harrelson case.

DCI says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was also involved in the search which occurred around 6:45 Tuesday morning.

Other than the carrying out of the search warrant, no other details were released.

New Sharon is located approximately 13 miles southwest of Montezuma. Xavior was declared missing on May 27th, days before his 11th birthday. He was last seen riding his bike in a trailer park where he and his mother lived.

Xavior remained missing until a body was found in a cornfield on September 30th, three miles from Montezuma. The State Medical Examiner’s Office identified the remains as Xavior on October 15th.

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