SE Iowa Woman Accused of Assaulting Minor at Gas Station


A southeast Iowa woman was arrested after authorities say she hit a minor with a car door at a gas station early Wednesday evening.

28-year-old Felonie Matzen of Delta was charged with assault.

Court records say a deputy from the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the BP gas station in Eddyville to find Matzen and a minor female already separated. Matzen told the deputy that the minor “brake checked” her in front of the BP and also flipped her off. Matzen told the deputy the actions caused her to lose her cool and started yelling at the minor while approaching the victim’s car. The minor denied brake checking Matzen but admitting to flipping her off.

After checking video surveillance from the front of the station, the deputy did not see a “brake check” as the two cars were several car lengths apart. Furthermore, while the victim was in her car with the driver’s side door open, the deputy saw footage of Matzen shoving the door in a violent manner and hitting the victim while the latter attempted to get out of the car.

Court documents state Matzen was arrested and transported to the Wapello County Jail without further incident. She was released after posting bond later Wednesday night.

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