River Draw Down


November 14, 2014  – Ottumwa, Iowa –  Ottumwa Water and Hydro is coordinating a drawdown in the Des Moines River with the Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Red Rock.  The river drawdown is necessary to repair the trash gate at the Hydro Electric plant by the dam.  On Monday, November 17th, the outflow at Lake Red Rock will be reduced to 300 cubic feet per second (cfs).   Also on Monday, Ottumwa Water & Hydro will begin raising the gates on the dam releasing water to bring down the river level above the dam.  Residents above the dam up to Four Mile Bridge will notice lower river levels by Monday afternoon.  The repairs to the trash gate will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday November 18th and 19th while the river is at its lowest level.  On Thursday November 20th the Army Corps will increase the outflow at Lake Red Rock back to 4000 cfs and the river will return back to its normal level upstream from the dam.

Owners of boats, docks or other affected property upstream of the hydroelectric dam should take appropriate action for low water levels.