Residents Asked To Conserve Water


February 13, 2014 – Ottumwa, Iowa –  The Ottumwa Water Works has at least two unlocated water main breaks causing a drain on the community’s water storage.   Residents and businesses are asked to conserve as much water as possible to maintain pressure in the system.   If residents notice a drop in water pressure that is not caused by a frozen service line, sees water showing up in unusual places or hears water running in an unusual location, they are asked to contact the Water Works at 684-4606 to report the location.

Bathroom use accounts for about 75 percent of the water used inside the average home.  You can save water by taking short showers instead of tub baths.  Make sure to shut off the water while brushing your teeth and don’t flush your toilet unnecessarily.   To conserve water around the house, run the dishwasher only with a full load of dishes or if washing dishes by hand, don’t use running water for rinsing.   Wash only full loads in the clothes washer.   With warmer weather in the forecast, you help by postponing washing your car until the water storage issue has been resolved.

The Water Works appreciates the cooperation by the public while they try find and fix the main breaks.