Ottumwa YMCA Offers New Yoga Class


The Ottumwa YMCA started a new class this week with the goal of helping people who are going through cancer treatment.

Health and Wellness Director Heather Coffman says the YMCA was approached by the Legacy Foundation who had funding for non-profits related to cancer. Coffman says the staff did research and found out about Restorative Yoga.

“it’s a little bit different than traditional yoga,” coffman said. “There’s been a lot of research that’s looked at restorative yoga with cancer patients and they’ve found there are improvments in psycological, physical senses, and quality of life.”

The first Restorative Yoga class was taught on Monday. Coffman says the class is open to anyone in the community (membership is not required) who is undergoing or has undergone cancer treatment free of charge.

Coffman compared and contrasted “regular” yoga to Restorative Yoga.

“poses are held for longer periods of time than more of a traditional yoga class,” Coffman said. “they [students] spend most of the time on the floor. if anyone has been to a traditional yoga class, there’s a lot of movement. you’re moving up and down but these poses are on the floor so there’s not as much movement.”

Coffman says only one class is currently being offered and it’s full. She says the next class starts next month and people can start signing up for it on November 20th.

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