Ottumwa Transit has a new bus


Ottumwa Transit Director Dave Silverio notes that the transit system has a new, smaller, red, white, and blue bus that is being used for some “off peak” transit services on Ottumwa’s fixed routes.

Silverio said that the new unit is sort of “an experiment” in using more efficient vehicles during low rider-ship times on the bus routes, in place of the larger fixed route buses. Silverio noted that the future of Ottumwa Transit will most likely include smaller and more efficient buses.

However, Silverio noted, Ottumwa is pretty much stuck with the larger vehicles for another 6 years. Those large buses were purchased all at the same time about 4 years ago, using money from President Obama’s “stimulus package”. Silverio said that, under the current rules, those buses  need 200,000 miles on them or 10 years of service, before any State or Federal subsidies can be applied for to replace them.