Ottumwa Test Iowa Site To Relocate Saturday


The Test Iowa site in Ottumwa is set to move to a new location this Saturday.

Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Richmond stated that the Test Iowa site would move on Saturday to its new location at Evans Middle School. The site will be resume normal hours of operation on Monday, June 1, and continue until at least June 14. Entry to the new site will be on Chester Avenue and exiting through Finley.

Richmond stated that the new location offers better parking and traffic flow, and the usage of the school building provides storage for PPE as well as providing restrooms for the staff. Richmond mentioned that the Ottumwa School District was quick to offer the Evans building for the new Test Iowa site. With the opening of Test Iowa to all those seeking to be tested, Richmond says registration has maxed out almost every day, with 286 people tested yesterday alone. The site will operate for at least two weeks, with further operation to be determined at a later date.

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