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Osky Hoops Coach Parker Undergoes Kidney Transplant

By Jason Van Arkel, January 09, 2020

Last spring, Oskaloosa boys basketball coach Ryan Parker led the Indians to their first-ever state championship. This season, Parker has been forced to step away from the team to deal with a serious health issue.

Parker, who had already missed a handful of early-season games, underwent a kidney transplant on Thursday. The operation will force him to miss the remainder of the season. The coach had first stepped away before Oskaloosa’s game against Grinnell on December 6th. He returned on Tuesday for one game, to coach the Indians against Norwalk.

Parker first began dealing with kidney issues two years ago, although he kept his condition quiet for a long time. The transplant operation took place in Iowa City, where he received a kidney donated by his wife’s college roommate.