OHS Valedictorians Announced


Ottumwa High School (OHS) has announced its valedictorians for the Class of 2020.

In all, six seniors topped the class with a 4.0 GPA.

  • Alli Bookin-Nosbisch plans to major in biology at the University of Iowa
  • Grace Bookin-Nosbisch plans to major in marketing and advertising at the University of Iowa
  • Ryan Eddy plans to attend Coe College
  • Ashley Fish plans to major in nursing at the University of Iowa
  • Hasya Joshi plans to major in biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa
  • Carollin Mellin plans to major in biology at Colgate University in New York.

OHS has two graduation ceremonies planned for the 2020 class. The first is this weekend (May 23-24) and it will occur in a drive-thru fashion. Students will arrive one at a time at the front steps of the high school via vehicle. Only the student will get out of the vehicle. Then the graduate will receive their diploma, take a picture, and get back into their vehicle to depart. The next student will follow the same process.

OHS is planning a more traditional ceremony later this summer. Principal Richard Hutchinson says the school will have a “full-blown” graduation in July or August if current coronavirus restrictions are lifted. However, if the social gathering parameters are still in place, Hutchinson says there needed to be an alternative plan (May’s graduation ceremony).

“I would rather have two of them [graduation ceremonies] instead of none,” hutchinson said. “my thinking on this is I did not want to get to late july and we still have all the restrictions in place and then we end up doing nothing.”

(image from ottumwaschools.com)

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