New School Buses in Iowa Will Require Seat Belts


The State Board of Education gave final approval Thursday to a change in state rules that will require all new school buses to install seat belts.

Department of Education Transportation Director, Max Christensen, estimates that with the lifespan of a bus lasting 15 years, it will most likely be 12 to 15 years before every bus had lap shoulder belts.

The directive will now go to the Legislative Rules Committee and if it is reviewed and passed in September, the new edict could be on the books by October.

Christensen was asked how much installing the seat belts would cost. He told Radio Iowa it would cost the same per seat regardless of bus size.

“It comes down to about 123 dollars per seating position. So if its a 50-passenger bus, 50 passengers times 123. Or if it is an 80 passenger bus, 80 times 123,”

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