Market Street Bridge Real Costs


The cost of painting the Market Street Bridge the color Blue came up again Tuesday Night, with comments made by City Council Member Skip Stevens  toward City Council Member Bob Myers.

Stevens addressed the cost of painting the bridge with Myers, telling Myers that his information was inaccurate, when he tells people that the painting of the bridge will cost over 100,000 dollars. The cost of the paint, Stevens says is more like 4,800 dollars.

Ironically, both Council Members are correct, depending upon how one defines the project. Stevens is correct with the cost of the paint, about 4,800 dollars. Myers is correct in saying that the sandblasting of the bridge and the preventative measures needed to keep lead paint out of the Des Moines River pushes the total cost of the project over 100,000 dollars.

The original plan for painting the bridge was to “spot paint” certain areas of the structure the common “bridge green paint”, which the City already had on hand. The project then grew to painting more of the bridge green, then a decision was made to paint the bridge blue instead of green. Plans are also being discussed to paint the Jefferson Street Viaduct blue as well, when time comes to re-paint that structure.