Free Landfill Day is Saturday, May 17th.  The Landfill and Recycling Center will be open 7:00 am – 3:00pm on Saturday, May 17th.   Customers bringing items to the Landfill and Recycling Center should tarp their vehicles to avoid blowing trash, recyclables and litter.  There is a $10.00 charge if your vehicle is not tarped.

 The Market Street Drop Off site is open Saturday, May 17th from 8am – 3pm.  When dropping off items at the Market Street Parking Lot All items that could blow and cause litter must be securely tied in a bag. If you bring loose trash to the parking lot you’ll be turned away as we don’t have the resources to pick up windblown trash and litter.

At the Parking Lot you will be required to separate wood waste like (old doors, windows without glass, wood trim, wood furniture, etc.), scrap metal and cardboard.  The Landfill does not accept cardboard for disposal so we’ll have a roll off container for cardboard at the parking lot.

Remember the Landfill does not take liquids or hazardous waste at  anytime.  Hazardous waste can be identified if the container says “Danger” “Caution” or “Poison”.  Hold on to those containers and contact the Recycling Center at 641-683-0685 for an appointment to dispose of these items.

Be prepared to separate materials at the Landfill.  Cardboard isn’t accepted at the Landfill so dispose of it at the Recycling Center or at the drop off site in the Market Street parking lot.   There will be scrap metal containers at the Landfill and Recycling Center for metal items and there is a compost area at the Landfill for disposal of wood waste.

Free Landfill Day is open to Davis and Wapello County residents.  Eddyville Residents are not part of the Ottumwa/Wapello County Solid Waste Planning Area so this free event excludes those residents.  Be prepared to show I.D. if asked.

For more information about Free Landfill Days and Make Ottumwa Shine Week or to volunteer, call 683-0644 or 683-0694.

Check out for a list of clean up areas that need to be adopted.