Kelsie Thomas Released


An Ottumwa woman who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the death of her daughter is currently free with her sentence apparently over, according to the Wapello County Attorney.

Earlier this month, Thomas, 24, received a five-year sentence for her role in the 2018 death of her five-year-old daughter, Cloe Chandler. Prosecutors said Thomas strangled her daughter to death with pajama pants.

Reuben Neff told Ottumwa Radio News Thomas was processed at a prison in Mitchelville on Wednesday, January 13th. The next day the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office received word that the Iowa Department of Corrections decided that Thomas’ sentence, once time served is included (902 days or two years and five months), was essentially done.

Thomas was released from the state’s custody on Thursday, January 14th.

Neff says his office is unhappy with the recent turn of events but it is powerless to change the DOC’s decision to release Thomas early.

“because our Iowa Legislature gives the Department of Corrections the authority to do this, have no avenues to challenge this,” Neff said.

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