Iowa avenue to be rebuilt


City leaders were on hand Thursday night to answer questions about an upcoming street project. The Iowa Avenue reconstruction is slated to begin on March 1st. Chad Carlson, with the cities engineering department, says the project will be split into four stages. Stage one will be from around Railroad Street to the Elks lodge, stage two will be from the Elks lodge to the main entrance to Cargill, stage three will be from Cargill’s entrance to Highway 34, and stage four will be from main street to about railroad street. Carlson says that to ensure continuous access for businesses and residents, each stage must be completely finished before starting the next stage.

The project is a full width, full depth reconstruction of Iowa Avenue from Main street to Highway 34, with much of the road being widened provide room for a center turn lane. In addition to the construction on Iowa Avenue,  a right turn lane will be added on Highway 34 westbound.

Calrson says that while a detour will be in place, it will move depending on the stage of construction. The primary detour from the south will be to follow Highway 34 around the curve, turn left onto Roemer Avenue, which becomes Main Street, then turn left onto Iowa Avenue.

The project is expected to take around 7-8 months, but Carlson stresses that time frame is dependent on the weather.

iowa ave
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