Governor Addresses Rise in Cases


The rise in positive COVID-19 cases in Wapello County was brought up during Governor Kim Reynold’s press conference Monday morning.

The latest report from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) shows a sharp increase in cases in Wapello County. On Thursday, April 30th, nine individuals tested positive for the virus in the county. The count has ballooned to 94, according to Monday’s report from the IDPH. A county resident with the virus passed away over the weekend, the first coronavirus death in Wapello County.

Wapello County is one of 77 counties in Iowa that have been permitted to reopen in accordance with federal guidelines (Phase 1). A reporter asked Governor Reynolds what the threshold would be to increase restrictions for the counties that have been allowed to gradually reopen, specifically mentioning Wapello County.

Reynolds says rises in cases will be watched on a daily basis. She adds that with increased testing, case investigation, and contact tracing allows officials to put a microscope on specific areas.

“It really does allow us to look at some of the spike in cases not only from a state but county to a community and even down to a zip code so we can start to monitor that and address it in a fairly rapid way so that we can hopefully prevent seeing a significant spike.”

Reynolds says there are “pretty significant controls in place.” She also applauded restaurants, businesses, and churches that have opened back up for being judicious by putting protocols in place.

“What I’ve seen since we have loosened and eased some restrictions is a great deal of responsibility taken by the businesses,” Reynolds says. “and I appreciate that very much.”

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