Food for Fines


The Director of the Ottumwa Public Library is reminding the Public that you can exchange canned goods or dry packaged food for overdue book fines at the Ottumwa Public Library, now through November 29th.

Sonja Farrell said that Library patrons with overdue fines can erase those fines by donating one canned food item or one packaged  item, in exchange for each dollar of overdue book fines. The food will then be donated to the Food Bank of Southern Iowa, to help the hungry.

Farrell reminds folks that no glass containers, no open packages, and no repackaged or expired food items will be accepted. Examples of food that CAN be donated are: peanut butter, canned chicken, tuna, fruits, vegetables, and soups, dry cereals, and pasta.

Farrell adds that one in six Southeast Iowans suffers food insecurity…… in five Iowans are hungry……and over 40% of Southeast Iowa Children are affected by Hunger. In the OttumwaCommunitySchool District, for example, free or reduced price meals are provided to over 60% of the students attending classes.

For more information, contact the Library at 641-682-7563.