First shipment of John Deere Large Square Balers from Ottumwa Works to receive police escort on Wednesday, Feb. 25th


John Deere Ottumwa Works is making its first shipment of its new large square balers on Wednesday, Feb. 25th. These new balers are the first new product line built at the John Deere Ottumwa factory in 20 years. Local media are invited to witness this historic first shipment. A number of photo opportunities will be made prior to the caravan leaving Ottumwa.

A police escort will accompany the seven truck caravan that will haul the balers as they leave the factory around 9:45 a.m. Following a brief stop in front of the factory, the caravan will stop in front of City Hall for photos with Ottumwa Mayor Tom Lazio, and David Bradford, John Deere Ottumwa Works factory manager. This is a great opportunity for media to take photos and video of this seven truck caravan. After stopping downtown the caravan will depart for Idaho to make its final delivery.

Caravan itinerary – all times are approximate

9:30 a.m.              Caravan leaves from the back gate of the factory

9:45 a.m.              Caravan stages in front of the factory (928 East Vine St.) for photos

9:55 a.m.              Caravan crosses the HWY 149 Bridge (no stop)

10:05 a.m.           Caravan arrives at (101 West 4th St.) in front of the Court House for photos

10:15 a.m.           David Bradford, Ottumwa Works Factory Manager, and Tom Lazio, Ottumwa Mayor, plan to briefly meet in front of the Court House and be available for photos with the caravan

10:25 a.m.           Caravan departs Ottumwa

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