Fairfield’s Mayor Chosen Via Blind Draw, Recount Coming


The mayoral race in Fairfield was determined by a blind draw.

Michael Halley and Connie Boyer are the two candidates for the mayor’s seat. The runoff election earlier this week saw Halley with one more vote than Boyer. However, the canvass of the election concluded with one absentee ballot being added to Boyer’s total which produced a tie (1048 votes each).

In the event of a deadlock, a blind draw determines the winner and Board of Supervisors Chair Lee Dimmitt pulled the name of Connie Boyer from the container. Halley has said that he desires a recount.

Boyer talked about the ordeal with KMCD.

“It’s pretty strange in some ways. I don’t know what to say I’m kind of glad its — well it might be over — we might have a few more days yet depending on the recount.”

Halley says a few questionable ballots still leaves the election in doubt.

“There were four ballots cast on Tuesday that the machine did not read either way. And by doing a hand count we will discover is there is intention there that the machine couldn’t register that a human being could.”

The deadline to have a recount done is Monday, December 16. Each candidate will select a representative and agree on a third to be on the recount board.


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