Eidahl in depth on weather delays and cancellations


From Superintendent Eidahl:

How school delay and cancellation decisions are made?

We are fortunate to partner with Southern Iowa Transit (SIT) for all student busing. If student safety is at risk due to weather, communication between SIT, the district, and neighboring superintendents begin.

In the case of inclement weather, SIT employees begin driving district roads at 4 a.m. Depending on road conditions, I am notified around 4:30. At that time, I also drive county roads and continue to communicate with SIT and neighboring superintendents. This provides a lot of information prior to making a weather-related decision. Once all information is gathered, SIT will make a recommendation. Ultimately, it is my decision to run on time, delay or cancel.

In the case of extreme cold weather, we are unique because the buses we use are gas-fueled. All neighboring districts run diesel buses, which run the risk of “freezing up” and stalling on the road. This puts our neighboring districts at a disadvantage when making a cold weather decision.

Today, I’ve had several conversations with area superintendents regarding tomorrow’s weather. We are all watching the temperatures and wind chills closely. We are seeing a warm up in the forecast, which will provide safer conditions for student attendance.

At this time, it is our hope to run on time on Thursday, January 8. If conditions do not improve as reflected in the forecast, a decision will be made prior to 6 a.m.

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