Dye Test In Des Moines River


December 9, 2014  – Ottumwa, Iowa –  The waters of the Des Moines River may briefly take on a yellow/green color Wednesday to help test the Ottumwa’s Water Pollution Control Facility’s environmental compliance.    The test is will occur downstream of the US 34 Bridge around 1 PM on Wednesday, December 10.

A concentrated, non-toxic yellow/green dye will be added to the diffusers; perforated pipes that release clean, treated water from the City’s wastewater treatment plant into the Des Moines River.   The appearance and movement of the dye in the river will be monitored and photographed to document the dispersion of the effluent into the river.

The dye test in the Des Moines River will help determine the flow-mixing zone where the output of the Water Pollution Control Facility goes into the river.   The dye is inert and not harmful to marine life or plants.   The test is among the requirements for compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.