Dog Appeal


(Ottumwa)—On a vote of 5 to zero, the Ottumwa City Council last night approved a recommendation to deny an appeal filed by an Ottumwa woman to keep her dog in the city.

In August of last year Ottumwa Police Officer Jeff Williams investigated several incidents regarding a red male Ridgeback dog named Peanut.

Nate Gottchalk told the City Council his 5 year old son was bitten by the dog.  In addition Gottchalk says other incidents have occurred since then.  Williams told the council  earlier this month the dog was unrestrained and chase the Gottchalk boy again..

A notice was sent to the dog’s owner Lucy Jarvis requiring her to remove the dog from the city limits within three days of the notice.

In addressing the city council last night Jarvis said she doesn’t want any child hurt by the dog.  She said she has put up a pen around her house and has put a muzzle on the dog.

Councilman J.R. Richards asked officer Williams if once a dog has bitten someone would the dog do it again.  Williams says some dogs are prone to bite  but noted he has not done any research on the matter.

Williams told the council he advised Jarvis if there was another complaint against the dog it would be removed from city limits.