Department of Education holds town hall


Members of the state’s department of education were on hand Tuesday night at a town hall meeting to discuss the “next generation science standards” or NGSS.

Deputy Director of the Iowa Department of Education David Tilly says that last night’s meeting was about setting standards for what needs to be taught.

“It’s not a curriculum, but its standards, a set of expectations if you will. It gives teachers very clear targets for what students should be able to know and do by the end of their instructions,” said Tilly.

Gail wortmann, a local science teacher, and the 2001 Iowa teacher of the year, says that the new standards should be adopted by the state. “I am so convinced that its the right way to go that I’ve already integrated it into all of my lessons that I teach, its just the right thing to do if you take a look at it.”

Ottumwa’s town hall meeting was the second of four statewide to discuss the science standards. Tilly stressed that while no decisions were made, the comments were recorded and will be brought back to Des Moines as the state continues its IowaCore discussions.