Davis County Jail comes under study


The future of the Davis County jail in Bloomfield will be reviewed by a special committee.

The Davis County sheriff’s Department says it is looking for residents to assist with a feasibility study.  The committee will look at several options including remodeling the current facility or building a new jail.

The sheriff’s department says the committee will meet at least four times over the next several months.  Once completed, results of the study will be turned over to the Davis County Board of Supervisors.

Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact the Davis County Sheriff’s Department by calling 664-2385 by April 25th.

Meanwhile a new report just released by the group Preservation Iowa shows the Preister Building located on the west side of the Bloomfield Square is listed as one of six properties in Iowa on an endangered list.

Built in 1874, the building has been the home of several businesses over the years.  For the past four years the building has been empty.  New owners purchased the building in February.

Officials say the property is in poor condition and is in need of basic structural repair and there is a danger the building may fall in upon itself.