COVID-19 Outbreak Threatens Albia Senior Care Center


A senior care center in Albia is trying to stem a coronavirus outbreak among its residents.

Oakwood Specialty Care reported 10 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, raising the total number of residents with the virus to 14.

According to its statement, Oakwood Specialty Center has separated the residents that tested positive from the rest of the population. The senior care center also utilizing personal protective equipment and has been communicating with the Monroe County Health Department and the Iowa Department of Public Health regarding the uptick in positive cases.

All of the residents in the facility have been tested for COVID-19 which Oakwood says explains the increase in positive cases. The senior care center also plans on testing all employees for the virus.

According to the statement, all staff, residents, and families have been updated on the recent developments. Oakwood will continue to screen all staff at the beginning and end of each shift and monitor the vitals of all the residents by checking each individuals temperature at least twice a day.

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