COVID-19 Cases In Wapello County Reach 42


Wapello County now has 42 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to information from Wapello County Emergency Management.

According to a press release from Wapello County Emergency Management, Wapello County’s number of positive COVID-19 cases reached 42 on May 2, 2020. With increased testing and easing of economic restrictions, Wapello County is seeing a sharp rise in positive cases. Wapello County Public Health Director, Lynelle Diers urges residents to continue practicing social distancing, practice proper hygiene, wear masks when in public and stay home when possible.

“County public health agencies are required by state law to transparently report all positive cases and their ages to the public.  To protect the privacy of our sick citizens some of the information such as names, health status, hospitalization or place of work cannot be made public by local health departments. Follow-up Information obtained in tracking is relayed to the appropriate contacts. The public should assume that COVID-19 is establishing a stronger presence in this county and residents should be vigilant despite relaxation of state restrictions.”

Tim Richmond, Wapello County Emergency Manager, Mayor Tom Lazio, Wapello County Supervisors, all Wapello County Fire and EMS Departments, Wapello County Sheriff, Ottumwa Police Department, Ottumwa Regional Health Center, Ottumwa health care clinics, nursing homes and multiple area businesses all agreed with Diers’ directives. The press release reminds residents that the ability to stop COVID-19 in Wapello County exists solely upon the responsibility of its residents to suppress the spread by following preventive measures. 

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