COVID-19 Cases In Wapello County Continue To Rise


As the majority of the state begins to re-open, Wapello county has continued to see a rise in positive cases.

Wapello County saw its first positive COVID-19 case on March 23, 2020. A little over a month later, on April 30, 2020, the total number of cases in the county was 16. May has had Wapello County see a significant increase, jumping to 42 positive cases on May 2, to 98 on May 4. Information on the total number of cases tends to lag behind by a 12 to 24 hour period due to the timeframe of reports. The information on is sorted by age group, though the information is not as current. According to that site, as of May 5, Wapello County had 125 positive cases. According to their charts, the cases were in the following groups:

  • Adult (18 – 40) – 62 cases
  • Middle Age (41 – 60) – 56 cases
  • Older Adult (61 – 80) – 7 cases

The information on is more current, but only shows case counts by county, and not by age groups within the county. According to that site, as of May 6, Wapello County had 165 positive cases. 671 Wapello County residents have been tested at this time, 6 have recovered, and 1 has died as a result of the virus.

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