Clarification of an arrest


(Fairfield) – Officials at FPD want to clarify reports of an arrest on 04/07/2014. This information can be released now because the investigation is completed. The confusion stemmed from several agencies being involved.

An Iowa law enforcement task force contacted FPD investigators several months ago. The task force is called ICAC which stands for Internet Crimes Against Children. This is a group of local, state, and federal investigators who investigate crimes perpetrated against minors over the internet. The only reason for the initial FPD contact was to get local law enforcement assistance in contacting an internet provider company in Fairfield. This company was NOT involved with any crimes at the time and employees were only being interviewed in reference to one of their customers.

On 03/03/2014, FPD was again contacted by an ICAC investigator about this ongoing investigation. ICAC was now investigating a subject who was last known to reside in Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) immediately joined the investigation and assisted ICAC, along with FPD, in the rest of the investigation.

On 04/07/2014, a JCSO deputy served an ICAC arrest warrant and arrested Brian Robert Hawthorne (DOB: 01/23/1985) at 1689 Pleasant Plain Road. Mr. Hawthorne was charged with one count of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – 1st offense, an Aggravated Misdemeanor.

This officer wants to acknowledge ICAC, the Dewitt Police Department officers, FPD officers, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, and JCSO deputies for their assistance in this investigation. Please contact us if you need further information. FPD officers appreciate the ongoing support from the media in our area and the assistance given to our citizens by relaying this information