City employee gets new promotion


Add another title to city employee Jody Gates.  During last night’s meeting, the City Council approved a recommendation to appoint Gates to the position of Director of Planning and Development effective June 3rd.

This position has been held by Nick Klimek.  Klimek resigned from the position effective June 2nd.

Gates is currently the Director of Health and Inspections and Solid Waste which includes the Landfill and Recycling center.  Gates has been working with the housing rehabilitation program through the Planning Department.

With the promotion she will receive a ten thousand dollar increase in salary.

During the meeting, Gates told the City Council this year’s “Make Ottumwa Shine” was a big success.  During last week’s observance, over one thousand trash bags

Were handed out and 176 tons of waste were disposed of on Saturday.  More than 300 vehicles brought trash to the landfill and over 100 vehicles dropped items at the Market Street Parking lot.