City Council to discuss Parking lot


The Jefferson Street Parking lot could see some much ed needed improvements following a special meeting of the Ottumwa City Council this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in the council chamber of  City Hall.

Among other things the council will consider a memorandum of understanding between the Ottumwa Legacy Foundation and the city of Ottumwa.  The Memorandum of Understanding defines the roles and responsibilities of the Legacy Foundation and the city for improvements of the parking lot located south of the 300 block of east Main Street.

This lot serves the businesses in the 300 block of east Main and is in need of upgrading.  The lot is poorly lit, not well marked and is in need of surface repair.  As significant community investment is ongoing on this block, this project aims to contribute to and support those investments by creating an attractive safe, well lit and attractive parking resource for the area.

The Legacy Foundation will develop a design concept and contribute 474-thousand dollars for the project.

Also during this afternoon’s meeting, the council will consider several resolutions to lease city owned property.