City Council discusses grass


The Ottumwa City Council, Monday evening, heard recommendations from the “Make Ottumwa Shine Committee” to prohibit parking of motor vehicles on the grassy area of residential front yards in Ottumwa and to modify the definition of what constitutes nuisance grass and weeds, from the current 12 inches to 8 inches.

Although no formal vote was taken to change the City Ordinance, addressing these issues, according to City Council Member Skip Stevens, the Council appeared to mostly be in favor of making the changes.

A question arose as to how to exactly enforce the Nuisance Ordinances in general.  City Department Heads would like to include employees of various City Departments as additional “eyes” in the community, to report any violations that are observed while City Employees are out in the neighborhoods.

Stevens said more discussion will likely to be held by the Council before any changes are made.