City council delays vote on Bridge


A decision on whether to paint a larger area of the Market Street Bridge will not be made until a special council meeting is held late Wednesday afternoon.

During a special meeting, Monday afternoon the council once again discussed how much of the bridge should be painted and what color it should be painted.

The original plans included painting the new beam sections along the entire down river outer flange web area and specifically paint areas as detailed in the original plans.

During a meeting last week several councilman said they would like to see  the bridge painted blue and the entire bridge be painted. Making those changes will cost the city more than 48-hundred dollars.

Councilman Mitch Niner told City Engineer Larry Seals when you come at us with a 3-million dollar project, I assumed it would by painted.  He said he was in favor of spending the additional funds to paint the bridge.  The questions remains how the city will finance the additional costs.

Councilman Skip Stevens said he is the one to bring up painting the bridge blue.  He said “it doesn’t have to be changed to blue.