City Council approves two way traffic plan


(Ottumwa)— The Ottumwa City Council last night gave it’s approval to converting traffic on Main Street and 2nd Street in the downtown area from Jefferson Street to Kitterman Avenue.

Converting traffic from one way to two way was discussed at a work session on February 24th with much support. In addition, 17 public meetings and a two day focus group was held with downtown stakeholders over the past several months with 19 of the 21 businesses/property owners in support. In addition, the city has been working with the Legacy Foundation who has agreed to pay for the cost up to 64-thousand dollars associated with the conversion in the downtown district.

And the council okayed a resolution approving the plans, specifications, form of contract for the Ottumwa Park playground equipment project. The city received a grant for 30-thousand dollars from the Wapello County Foundation for new handicapped accessible playground equipment in Ottumwa Park. This will be the city’s first handicapped accessible playground equipment.

After bids are received they will be reviewed by the parks advisory board then voted on by the general public. The equipment that receives the most votes will be ordered and installed by volunteers.