Canadian Goose Round-up


June 24, 2014  – Ottumwa, Iowa –  The City of Ottumwa has requested the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to reduce the Canada goose population in the vicinity of the Ottumwa City Park.  The IDNR’s involvement is due to legal requirements with both federal and state migratory waterfowl law.

A goose roundup will occur the week of June 23, 2014 at Ottumwa City Park.  The City will erect and bait three traps in advance of the roundup.  IDNR will transport and relocate the goslings to a wildlife area while the adult geese will be moved to another location in the southwestern part of the state.

The goal is to safely manage the Canada goose population within Ottumwa Park.   Wildlife is an important part of our natural resources.  The roundup is part of maintaining a healthy and sustainable population.   It also helps keep a cleaner environment for people visiting Ottumwa Park, the Park Campground, the trail system and the Beach Ottumwa.

Contact Joe Helfenberger, City Administrator at 641-683-0600[email protected]  or Gene Rathje, Park Director, 641-682-7873[email protected]  with questions or concerns.