Babe Ruth Agreement


(Ottumwa)—On a vote of 4 to 1……….the Ottumwa City Council Tuesday evening approved a recommendation to waive building permit fees for the new Babe Ruth facility in Ottumwa Park.

The Babe Ruth organization in Ottumwa is building a new building at a cost of over 90-thousand dollars. The building will include new restrooms, concession area, year around storage, lockers and meeting rooms.

At an earlier meeting, the council denied the request for the waiver. Councilman Mitchell Niner was the only councilman to voted against the recommendation saying if the council doesn’t waiver the fees for other organizations the council should not for the Ruth Babe organization. Niner told his colleagues it’s not fair to organizations that don’t get a waiver.

Councilman Skip Stevens said he felt the fee should be waived. Councilman J. R. Richard said he agreed with Niner saying we need to hold the line.