Aug. 6 Council Meeting


(Ottumwa)—- In the very near future City Administrator Joe Helfinberger will be allowed to make purchases of materials, supplies, equipment and contractual services costing no more than ten thousand dollars.

On a vote of 3 to 2, the city council approved a motion amending an ordinance that allow the city administrator to make those purchases.

In discussing the motion councilman Mitch Niner said he disagrees with the move to increase  the amount of five thousand to ten thousand dollars.  Niner said the change does not have to have the approval of the council.  He said if the previous policy was not broke, don’t fix it.

Ottumwa Mayor Tom Lazio said  he disagreed saying approving the change was a prudent thing to do and the only way to do business.

Councilman Matt Dalby noted things are much high now these days. And said the change is within reason.

Also during last night’s meeting, under the consent agenda the council approved a recommendation to establish a Beach Task Force Committee..  The committee will review and recommend improvements to the outdoor waster park.

Councilman Niner objected to the idea saying the task force is not needed and it would be a waste of time saying the city does not need another group to tell the city what it already knows.