Area lawmaker urges more funds for school transportation costs


(Fairfield)— A southeast Iowa legislator is hoping school transportation cost will be considered in the up coming session in Des Moines.

Iowa House representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield has sent a letter to the school finance formula review committee urging it to consider more state aid for transportation costs.

Hanson notes transportation costs to school district in southeast Iowa vary from over one thousand dollars per pupil and under 50-dollars per pupil.  When multiplied by the number of students in a district the budget available for the actual education of students in greatly affected by transportation costs.

In addition Hanson says the tremendous differences in transportation costs could have a devastating influence on rural Iowaeconomic development efforts should we not seek a solution to this growing problem.

Hanson is urging the committee to place the issue of school transportation funding on the school finance formula review committee’s agenda and start the discussion of providing a more equitable source of transportation funding for Iowa school districts.