4-H Expo Odor addressed


Jeff Emery a spokes person for the Wapello County 4-H Expo says a number of steps were taken to eliminate odor from livestock during this summer’s 4-H Expo held at Bridge View Center.

The subject came up during a special meeting of the Ottumwa City Council last evening………..after concerns were expressed about getting rid of the odor.

Emery told the council steps were taken to reduce flies and to get the livestock out of the exhibit hall as soon as possible.  He said there was little moisture after the expo and said the staff at Bridge View Center used a different approach in the air exchange system.  He also says the 4-H paid a bill of more than 44-hundred dollars received from Captain Clean for cleaning expenses.  He told the council the 4-H would like to remain in Ottumwa and said lets not go back to past issues.

Byron Leu former ISU livestock specialist urged the city to review  what Emery suggested.  Leu also said the ventilation system  is vital to the situation and noted there has never been a problem with livestock in the building during the annual Cornbelt Cow/Calf Conference also held atBridgeview Center.

Councilman Mitch Niner said the facility was not designed as a cattle barn and the air exchange system  is not the same.  He said we are suppose to compile with the clean water act and said every year we have complaints about the odor  after the 4-H Expo.  He said the having the Expo at BVC just does not work.

Bob Myers said we need to work with Bridge View Center on the air exchange issue and noted Ottumwa is an agricultural community saying just look at John Deere and just look at the number of kids in 4-H that benefit from the 4-H Expo.  Myers said lets leave the Expo there and work on improvements.

Niner said we need to have someone come in and tell us how to operate the air exchange system.